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Back-paint Masonite to Prevent Warping

Set Construction

Often theaters will skin the floor of the stage with Masonite (or hardboard).  It protects the permanent stage floor and provides a smooth surface that can be painted.  It’s also a great sounding surface for tap dancers.  When I was in high school, our stage was skinned with Masonite that we kept painted flat black… Continue Reading

The Pumpkin of Doom

Pumpkin of Doom

This project involves using board foam, layered together and sealed and painted, to create a very unique prop, although the techniques translate to other projects easily. I once designed the show Revenge of the Space Pandas, which is a children’s theater piece by Mamet.  Yep, you read that right!  Mamet wrote some children’s theater, and… Continue Reading

Great Stuff Technique for Gluing Foam

When I was in school, we used to hook layers of foam insulation board (both blue and pink) with what we called “Green Glue.”  I’m pretty sure actual green glue is something different but this was a product by DAP that was a foam safe contact cement that came in a green can.  The problems… Continue Reading

A Small Turntable on a Small Budget

Set Construction

I currently work for a college where theater is a fun thing to do on the side, but not the main event.  We have a lot of fun, but the budgets are tiny.  One of my first shows there was “The Ladies Man,” which is a door slamming farce that requires a small turntable for… Continue Reading